BSBC Special edition — harry Potter Trivia 2014

In this episode our book worms fight it out to become the Blind Spots Champions in our annual Harry Potter Trivia quiz. We’re taking our usual summer break so to find out when we’re back discussing books, Check the website or follow us on twitter and keep up to date. And thank you for sticking with us. Happy Reading! From the Book Worms

BSBC 004-2 – The Exciting Conclusion of 62442 Spells Magic

In this stunning conclusion to our Harry Potter trivia fest, we finally see who comes out on top in this competition. Will it be the red and gold or the yellow and black? Find out!

BSBC 004-1 – 62442 Spells Magic!

In part 1 of this special edition book club meeting, our worms face off against one another in the wizarding world. Play along as we see whose Harry Potter knowledge reigns supreme!